Research Papers & Essays

# Title Author Topics Year
1 Répertoire de couleurs pour aider à la détermination des couleurs des fleurs, des feuillages et des fruits Société française des chrysanthémistes. Color 1905 PDF
2 A grammar of color; arrangements of Strathmore papers in a variety of printed color combinations according to the Munsell color system Cleland, T. M., Munsell, A. H., Strathmore Paper Company Color 1921 PDF
3 Atlas of the Munsell color system Munsell, A. H. Color 1915 PDF
4 Chromatics : or, an essay on the analogy and harmony of colours Field, George Color 1817 PDF
5 Chromatography, or, A treatise on colours and pigments : and of their powers in painting, &c. Field, George Color 1835 PDF
6 Field's chromatography : a treatise on colours and pigments for the use of artists Field, George, Taylor, J. Scott Color 1885 PDF
7 Color standards and color nomenclature Ridgway, Robert Color 1912 PDF
8 Computational RYB Color Model and its Applications Junichi Sugita, Tokiichiro Takahashi Color 2017 PDF
8 On the Uselessness of Design Criticism Randy Nakamura Design N/A PDF
9 Dynamics, Chaos, and Predictions Feigenbaum, Mitchell Theory N/A PDF